March 23, 2007

Six Years Ago Today - 01:34 AM [ life ]
Every now and again, I get into these weird reflective moods and wonder how I ended up here. There's been so many wacky events that have taken me half way across the globe and back. Since I'm too lazy busy to post new posts, I thought we'd take a gander at what I was doing six years ago today...

3.23.01 - world wide wrestling
thai food at the wrestlers

this morning lynda and i went to go look at a few flats.
i hoping to find something that i like, that's not too expensive.
we looked at 3, but nothing was the one.
afterwards, we headed back into the office.
for lunch we went to the wrestlers for thai food.
apparently it's where they go every friday for lunch.
thai food and pints.
oh how i'm going to gain a beer belly.

half pint of cider after work

after work, a bunch of the guys were headed to the pub.
i decided to crash the party and join them.
but i was driving, so i didn't really want to have that much.
so i only had a 1/2 a pint of cider.
we sat and chatted for a long time until someone finally suggested food.
originally i had wanted to go see groove armada,
but i thought it might have been sold out.
toby confirmed my thoughts, and so i decided to join the boys.

cranberry brie sandwich and chips

we headed on into town to a pub called the castle.
they had food and drinks.
when we got there toby asked what i was having.
i said a cider, (but the bartender heard a stella),
so i had a stella.
but then toby remembered that we forgot to stop by the bank.
so i ended up buying. (not that i mind, it was just sort of funny).
i also decided to order some dinner.
i had the cranberry brie sandwich and some fries (called "chips" here)
i think this is my new favorite sandwich.

Wild to think about it, isn't it? What were you doing 6 years ago today?

February 12, 2007

Pocketpig is now at - 12:09 PM [ life ]

Oh, my bad, looks like I have been totally neglecting this site. I'm sorry. this seems to happen every year or so. I fall of the internet for a few months. I know, it's ridiculous, who in the hell falls off the internet?

Well folks, this time I am happy to say that I actually have not fallen off the internet, but I have been CONSUMED by it instead. You see, I took a new (amazing I heart it big time, but it takes all of my time) job and am now the editor of a new food site called!

Yep, someone is paying me to ramble on about food and drink and cooking. I promise that once things settle down I will definitely be updating pocketpig again, but for now, please come check out and tell me what you think.

note: Just so you know if the story says it's "by YumSugar" then I actually wrote it, if it says "by ---- (anyone else) --- " then I didn't.

-pocketpig aka sabrina aka yumsugar

January 21, 2007

Apple Apron Test - 04:03 PM [ kitchen ]
apple pickin' skirt

This is a test. I LOVE these cute cute things.